Travel Tip 1. Packing Pitfalls

imageHoarders beware!  The same fear of throwing things out lurks around the suitcase at packing time.  It might help to understand that it comes from the fear of letting go of things in case we might need them in the future but this has to be weighed against the advantages of travelling light.  Rationalise.  What would I do if I needed this but didn’t have it?  If the answer is buy one, then consider not taking it.  Recently it took me 3 packs and repacks and a lot of ratonalising to pack for carry-on only, for a 7 week trip to North and South America where I might encounter anything form zero in the Andes to 35 degrees on the coast.  The secret is layers, only 2 pairs of shoes and a light waterproof jacket.  Just think.  Arrive only one hour before the flight instead of two, no baggage check-in queue, no waiting at carousels at the other end for a bag that may have been lost, breeze through customs, no assistance needed to carry luggage and you can keep your bag under your legs to avoid the temptation for anyone to steal it.


One thought on “Travel Tip 1. Packing Pitfalls

  1. I will be interested to see how that worked out for you at the end of the trip ! Anything that sounds too good to be true usually isn’t.


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